The Phoenix Art & Crafts Group

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Water Splash - Annie Lovelass
Bronze Horse by Fen D'Lucie
Ceramics by Lynne Dinmore
01929 400405 | 07907 912965
Featured Artist(s):

Annie Lovelass
Peter Cherry
Nancy Jones
Lusea Warner-Gale
Lynne Dinmore
Fen D’Lucie
Gillian Connor
Gilly Loveless
Beverly Evans

A colourful and inspiring collection of work by national and international artists including:- Annie Lovelass, Peter Cherry, Nancy Jones, Lusea Warner-Gale, Lynne Dinmore, Fen D’Lucie, Gillian Connor, Gilly Loveless and Beverly Evans.


The Shoot Room,
Park Lodge,
East Lulworth,
BH20 5QP

Opening Times:



From Wareham take the A352, turn Left onto B3070 to East Lulworth then follow the signs.
From Wool take the B3071 to Lulworth about 1.5 miles turn left go through Coombe Keynes and follow signs.
Rural location – be patient!