Virtual Events

Welcome to some virtual events to help us celebrate the PAW Festival as it might have been, and hopefully will be in 2021.

We will be putting together a number of musical sequences to showcase some of the performers, who were looking forward to being with us at PAW 2020. They found all their concerts had been cancelled and were so grateful that, thanks to our support and the wonderful generosity of our Festival Friends, they received at least some funding to help them. We all hope they will be able to join us for PAW 2021.


Friday 29th May 2020 – PAW Virtual Event Three

Today Eluned Pierce and Hugh Thomas “Touch their immortal harps of golden wires” at Encombe House.

They have not recorded together but do feature separately in flute duos. We also include some of the Bach that Anneke Hodnett played at Creech Grange during our series of Chamber Music recitals in Purbeck Houses. Finally we catch them young…. with Alisa Sadikova at the Rimsky-Korsakov St. Petersburg State Conservatory Music School.

Works by PAW visual artists Carol Cox, Andy Knill, Cathy Veale and Eleanor Spalding accompany parts of the music. You can see the work of our visual artists HERE.

This sequence was compiled with the help of Eluned Pierce, Hugh Webb, Anneke Hodnett, Richard Brown (PAW) and Mike White (


Monday 25th May 2020 – PAW Virtual Event Two

Welcome to the trombones! First the Concert Trombone Quartette explain their origins and play Beethoven. Sue Addison then offers her version of Purcell’s Fairest Isle …of Purbeck(!)…to contrast with the version by Gabrieli on our website. Michael Buchanan, a member of Studio 5 quartet, plays a movement from Bach’s cello suite no 2 BWV 1008.

The Concert Trombone Quartette recorded Domine Deus by Josef Grüber 1855-1933 (a student with Anton Bruckner) especially for us while the extract from Hansel and Gretel is played here by past PAW performers Meridian Brass.

We were to have heard Hoagy Carmichael’s Georgia….so here it is. Giovanni Gabrieli’s Beata es virgo played by our ECSE friends, makes a grand finale to this sequence.

Thank you for joining us.

This sequence was compiled with the help of Adrian France, Richard Brown (PAW) and Mike White (


Saturday 23rd May 2020 – PAW Virtual Event One

After a short introduction, this first sequence offers some music mostly by JS Bach which aims to create some of the feel of what would have been our opening concert by Sestina with violinist Rachel Podger. We hope you enjoy this sequence on the day when it would have been performed.

Further details on the music and performers can be found in our Events Brochure at

This sequence was created with the support of Mark Chambers (Sestina), Richard Brown (PAW) and Mike White (

PAW video introduction created by Keith Lawes.

Gabrieli BBC Awards

We start with congratulating our friends at Gabrieli. Their Purcell King Arthur 1691 has won both the Opera category and Recording of the Year at the 2020 BBC Music Magazine Awards in May.

You can buy or stream their recording at