Zara Saganic
07875 568638 | 01202 387766

2021 Venue(s):

not exhibiting this year

I have always been interested in the pursuit of perfection and had an interest in repetitive action in order to achieve this. This initially was through setting rules and impossible goals for myself, where the act of ‘doing’ became the work of art and the physical work became a by-product of this act.

My professional life has taken me into teaching and this has impacted upon my practice, my narrative and outcomes. Teaching has introduced me to other techniques and processes and enabled me to produce more physical work with meaning and intent. A teaching colleague first introduced me to paper cutting through a scheme of work we were teaching and I loved this mindful activity and the idea of a blank piece of paper and transforming it through taking away. I have since produced many pieces of work, that explore our relationship to biodiversity through entomology, but more than that there is a wider message that links to understanding, ignorance, knowledge and prejudice.