Stephen Bishop
07981 685704 |

2021 Venue(s):

Open Studio 16

Purbeck has been the fulcrum of my imagination since childhood. My art draws upon decades of experience. Paintings are oil on canvas from 30 cm to 150 cm, often in a square format. Prices range from £200 to £5,000. With thick impasto paint and translucent washes I seek to communicate my passion for the coast. The paintings are searching for a connection through time, memory and place. I am responding to echoes and rhythms in the visual world that resonate with my inner landscape. A new canvas with the sense of endless possibilities is where I am happiest. I paint outdoors and in the studio on several canvases over a period of weeks. The paintings have conversations with me and have layers of meaning. Many hours of struggle are rewarded by golden moments of vision that come uncensored from who knows where. My paintings are prayers to the universe reflecting all that I love. Painting as Constable stated, is another word for feeling. My artistic goal has always been to make visceral art that emotionally engages the viewer. My studio is a large airy barn conversion set in the landscape I love. Visits are welcome outside of PAW by appointment.