Sinead O’Neill
07947 830002 |

2021 Venue(s):

Rollington Barn

Sinead has had a love of art and creating it from an early age. For the past 10 years she has participated in Purbeck Art Weeks and in 2014 her artwork was shortlisted in a BBC competition which saw her painting hung in the Royal Academy in London.

Inspired by the Dorset landscape and a love for reading fantasy novels, she uses different mediums to portray the different ways she views the world. Using Acrylics on canvas to show the bright vibrant landscape and digital media to show a darker more surreal dreamscape view of Dorset, sometimes providing a glimpse in to another reality or world.

In 2015 she discovered artists resin which gives paintings a fantastic gloss finish which has led her to experiment with more fluid painting techniques reflecting the way water moves and inspired by deep space nebulas.