Rushton Pottery
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2021 Venue(s):

Open Studio 9

Anne and Jonathan pot together in the converted milking parlour of Rushton Farmhouse which stands on the banks of the River Frome. Previously a teacher and doctor, we love that ceramics now provides us with an absorbing and challenging creative outlet to weave together with growing vegetables, reading, kayaking, grandparent pleasures and walking with our dogs. We make our own glazes and mix our own clays, and this year are really enjoying experimenting with adding unprocessed local wild clay dug from a nearby hedgerow.

Jonathan: Forty years elapsed between the making of a small pinch pot at primary school and sitting down at a wheel one day with a pound of clay. I am now hooked. I have a thing about bowls and could make them all day long – variations on a theme!

Anne: I enjoy ceramics as a demanding yet exciting way of expressing my creativity and finding ‘flow’. I find myself inspired by many things – both the local environment and ideas that float into my mind, and I consequently find myself trying out new ideas all the time. Currently I am enjoying making plates, bowls, teapots, dishes, wall art and tiny ‘seabed’ porcelain sculptures.