Rachel Fooks


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2021 Venue(s):

not exhibiting this year

Geology, archaeology, botany and chemistry have collided to create my exciting new collection of pottery. Everything I’m making is built from locally dug clay, glazed using ingredients found in the surrounding landscape and fired using alternative firing techniques.
I’ve spent months researching the geology of Purbeck to find out exactly where to dig the clay and to determine what type of clay it is, also to source ingredients needed for glaze making e.g rocks and chalk; I’ve spoken to archaeologists to learn how our ancestors treated their hand-dug clay and how they fired their pots; I’ve learnt the make-up of different plants to see if their properties could form a glaze e.g bracken and mares tail; and I’ve looked at the chemical formulas of potential glaze ingredients to find out which can be mixed together to make a usable glaze.
I’ve been working on this project for just over a year, but I’m at the beginning of a very long journey which so far has been exciting, surprising and frustrating in equal measures! The result so far is earthy and rustic – in stark comparison to my sea-inspired sculptures which I’m exhibiting alongside jewellery, planters and a range of tiles.