Phil Hill
01929 480472 | 07889 247981

2021 Venue(s):

not exhibiting

I began to paint more than 40 years ago. Though self taught I was considered sufficiently accomplished to teach adult education classes in Bournemouth through the 1970s before moving to Purbeck in 1980.

Having long been fascinated by abstraction, surrealism and constructivism (possibly influenced by my engineering career!) over the years I developed my own style which I call Anti Depressionism.

Composition relies less on the natural world and more on imagination and intuition using the simple line, loop and circle as the basis for most of my paintings. A blank canvas is full of potential. The sketch for a composition may provide a beginning but as the picture develops so the composition may change. When shapes are suggested I pick up on them and work them into the composition balancing shape against shape and colour against colour. There comes a point in a painting when all the elements are present with the composition and colours working in harmony. At that point the painting takes on a life of its own.

My aim is to put a smile on the viewer’s face and I find it inspirational to have personal interaction with collectors and viewers.