Nick Hais
01929 423692 |

2021 Venue(s):

Open Studio 25

Nick Hais’s artistic career began when he graduated from Newcastle Polytechnic with a First Class Dip.A.D in 1971. For the next four years he taught part-time on the Fine Art Degree Course at Newcastle. Since 1976 Nick has been a full time painter. He spent some time living in Greece where he had a number of very successful exhibitions. In 1979 Nick and his family moved to Dorset and for many years Nick owned and ran The Alpha Gallery in Dorset, together with his partner Jill Mirza, with whom he also co-wrote a colour theory book ‘Mix Your Own Acrylics’. He and Jill continue to live in Swanage. Paintings by Nick are in various corporate and private collections, including those of Accenture, Lucida plc, P&O, Prudential plc. He continues to regularly exhibit.

“I enjoy the brilliance of rich and vibrant light which, when reflected, creates living shadows. I use this quality as it relates to objects and scenes that display inherent geometries, such as buildings, boats, tables and chairs. These subject-matters provide the opportunity to utilize formal visual elements of line, shape and colour in combination in a quest to create a pictorial space where the figurative meets the non-figurative.”