Marion Spencer
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2021 Venue(s):

to be confirmed

PAWs theme this year is ‘Changing Seasons’: Skipping the border from rural Somerset seven years ago, I have come to understand the deep connection this area has with the elements.
As seasons change the waters rise and fall like the pulse of Mother Earth. Dramatic skies at dawn and dusk bring fire to the silhouettes of the beasts of land and air and everything is bathed in the swirling Purbeck winds. My childhood was full of stories from the mists of time which settle in the memory like the mists of these valleys, textures sounds and colours permeate every part of being. Clay takes me where it wants to be, hand coiling is my favourite as the story unfolds slowly, my drawings are like mischievous imps dancing from the pen and with paint and ink I look for the colour and texture seen all around to those who really look.