Kitty Hartnell
07855 264127 | 01929 400322

2021 Venue(s):

Rollington Barn & Open Studio 10

Kitty is a largely self-taught mosaic artist, producing a diverse range of work. She uses a variety of materials – including glass, ceramics, hand-made tesserae, pebbles, kitchen tiles, wood, mirror and much, much more… to create a range of different designs including mirrors, patterns, birds , plants and shapes.

She loves the creative process and enjoys experimenting with different materials to create colourful and original work.

Kitty also makes garden sculptures from mild steel and copper. Her inspiration comes from the diverse shapes and forms found in the natural environment all around and she loves taking photographs of the plants that inspire her. Most of her sculptures are set in stone to provide stability to the work. However, her creations vary from large/small plant forms to abstract shapes to individual stakes with specific shapes e.g. dragonflies, fish, balls , butterflies and flower heads.

You can view examples of her work on her website