Jill Mirza


01929 423692 | 07930 310542


2021 Venue(s):

Open Studio 25

I have spent my life being involved in the making of paintings and drawings both as a practitioner and as a teacher. I studied painting at Camberwell School of Art and at The Royal Academy Schools. More recently, for seventeen years, I ran an Art Gallery in Swanage (The Alpha Gallery) with my husband, Nick Hais, who is also a painter.

I have written articles for fine art magazines and with Nick I was commissioned to produce a book about colour called ‘Mix your own Acrylics’. I have exhibited at various galleries in London and elsewhere, as well as in very many Art Fairs in England and Scotland.
My paintings are a figurative exploration of my immediate surroundings and of images I record when travelling, mostly in the Mediterranean. Responding to the excitement of the visual world, the play of light on buildings, the intensity of shadows, the brash colours of man-made objects and the way figures integrate with their surroundings.

I was trained in a very traditional ethos, taught to observe carefully and to respond to the wonder of visual subtleties. That training has stayed with me always, I am compelled to look intently and record what I see.