Galiani Glass Art – Gail Boothman & Ian Godfrey
07980 765753 | 07554 018281

2021 Venue(s):

Open Studio 3

Established glass artists, Gail and Ian, welcome visitors to their Studio on the edge of the Purbecks. They have been creating their own style of contemporary glass art for over 10 years and collaborate through their ideas and fascination for glass in its many forms and designs using various kilnforming methods. The artists are known for their craftsmanship and utilising different ‘warm glass’ and ‘hot-glass’ techniques to create their original works of art.
Both artists strive to expand their range of glasswork using alternative, and complimentary, skills. Gail often integrates glass elements she produces within a hot flame, known as lampworking, into her glass and silversmithing. Meanwhile Ian expands his use of glass through intricate contemporary designs, kiln techniques and glass composition as well as the fabrication of stainless-steel sculptures which are combined with glasswork for the garden or home.

Whether making individual pieces, or larger private commissions, Ian and Gail ensure their customers and clients feel important, enjoy the two-way process and appreciate the enthusiasm and love of glass that both artists share. They have always sought to create a wide range of glass that everyone can value and own, from the affordable to the unique or statement pieces.