Galiani Glass Art – Gail Boothman & Ian Godfrey
07980 765753 | 07554 018281

2021 Venue(s):

to be confirmed

Glass artists Ian and Gail combine as Galiani Glass in their studio in a covert area of the Dorset coast. Driven by the exclusive characteristics of glass, and focused on craftsmanship, they can be seen producing unique and fine glass art using a variety of kilnforming and flameworking techniques.
As designers, they transform their fascination for the unique properties of glass into impactful works of art by using light and shade, reflection and transmission within each creation.
They will be showing how their inspiration, driven by the coast, the countryside and range of contemporary styles result in incredible works of art. Ian and Gail are well known for creating art for private commissions and collections, kitchen splashbacks, tableware glass, glass/silver jewellery, wall art and metal sculptures and will be showing their new range of designs for 2020.