Fen D’Lucie


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2021 Venue(s):

to be confirmed

Fen studied Art History and Drawing at college in Somerset. Post-college, her artistic practice was put on hold as she worked for employers in unrelated streams. In the early 2000’s Fen returned to art for her own pleasure. Friends started to request portraits of their dogs and horses. As her reputation grew this led to a wider clientele for commissioned animal portraiture using soft pastel.

Fen’s love for wildlife naturally influences her art; seen in her watercolour landscapes. Another favoured subject is the human figure. Previous employment, particularly Personal Training, has taught her a deep understanding of anatomy and physiology. “Knowing how a joint moves, but also the forces we employ as we contort and manoeuvre are essential elements in figurative compositions; portraying people’s energy and mood through art is a distinct joy for me.”

In 2016 Fen took early retirement allowing time to indulge in art again and diversify in medium. She continues to produce commissioned animal portraiture and nature inspired paintings for exhibition. Fen now also produces sculpture. She models her sculpture using wax which is later cast at the foundry as individual unique bronzes.

Her one-off bronzes include representational forms as well as abstract pieces.