Cockatoo Make and Do
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2021 Venue(s):

Rollington Barn

I started creating glow jars and luminaires in 2016 by chance, after spotting a fairy jar and thinking I like that! I have gone onto develop my skills in creating visions, images and reflections using decals. Using mainly upcycled glassware to give unloved items a second life. Focusing my imagination and creativity to see something in an usual shape or form to create a stage for my work. I use battery led lights and solar lights to illuminate the silhouettes creating magical illusions.
In 2020 I began experimenting with resin, capturing and preserving the beauty of dried flowers to create memorial pieces, then exploring the amazing colours and reactions of alcohol inks.
At times my creative mind leads me in all directions, sometimes things work and sometimes you just learn from it. I love to develop new skills and ideas, bringing together many different forms of media within my creations and seeing where my artistic journey will take me next.