Anne Reynolds
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2021 Venue(s):

to be confirmed

Having studied Contemporary Textile Practice in Cardiff as a mature student in my 40s, I worked for a number of years as a freelance designer in digital design for retail visual display, and specialised in hand-made rug design, along with textile design, digital photography, wall art and cards. I returned to Dorset, where I had grown up, to care for my parents in their last years, after which I became bed-bound with ME/CFS for a number of years, so my creative work was put aside. However, I did, some of the time, manage to keep stitching and I have now made some of these abstract needlepoint stitchings into framed pieces. I enjoy playing with colour and shape, and balance and harmony. How things do or don’t work together, according to my inner eye, is what plays with my curiosity. And as my health steadily improves, towards 100%, this is for me a welcome but tentative return to creativity.