Andy Knill
07886 479715 | 01929 422389

2021 Venue(s):

Rollington Barn

Andy has lived in Purbeck since 2016 when his art career started. He draws landscapes and activities within that landscape. Distinctive in his art logo pith helmet and hand drawn boiler suits.

Andy has had an Open Studio from 2017 to 2019 in PAW but is now becoming a Rollington artist as he works and sells his portfolio from a shop in Swanage -“The Courtyard Studio : Art in the Heart of Swanage” in TillyMead, Commercial Road, which he shares with another local artist.

Andy came to art as therapy for his own mental health and advocates ‘Art for fun’ and sells drawing pens and materials along with ideas in the shop. He does not offer formal classes as he is self taught but loves to share ideas with others and is very approachable.

Andy is always looking for ways to make his art more accessible, from original art postcards, to hand drawn hats and low priced items aimed at children to a table to share when social distancing ceases as a rule again.