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PAW 2020 will be different ……. although we are not able to hold the PAW Festival this year (May 23 – June 7), we are offering visitors to our website as much of a ‘virtual’ PAW as we can!

If you would have enjoyed exploring our artists’ Open Studios and exhibitions,  we would like to encourage you to browse through and enjoy the work of our artists on this website. Click here to explore the artists’ Open Studios and Rollington exhibitors, enjoy our Brochure and Events Programme.  Some of the artists are regular exhibitors and some are new to PAW, have a look at what they have been creating, and follow up on their websites to see even more of their work. You might even fall in love with some art and buy it directly from the artist!

We have an exciting online Art4Action Auction on Sunday June 14th at 3pm in support of Purbecks’ artists and the Dorset Coronavirus Community Fund.  The auction catalogue with details of the art on offer and bidding instructions is now available – Click here to take a look.

If you were looking forward to our events, we hope you will enjoy the series of virtual concerts that we and the musicians have created for you on this website – click here to go to Virtual Events. These concerts reflect what would have been performed during the Festival, and will go live on the day when the event would have happened – starting on May 23. In some cases we have included art works by our artists to enliven the music sequences.

The first sequence features Sestina (led by counter-tenor Mark Chambers) with violinist Rachel Podger – just click on Virtual Events and hear what they have to offer.

Keep an eye on our PAW Facebook as we bring you profiles of our artists and their work, and more clips of the music you would have heard.

The PAW team, including all our volunteers, and our performers and artists are now looking forward with determination and optimism to a great PAW 2021 (May 29 – June 13).

Take care everyone and please keep in touch.

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30 minutes ago

Purbeck Art Weeks

Jenny Hawke is a landscape artist, using watercolour and ink to portray the beauty of the local Dorset landscape.

"I love the unpredictability of the medium, as well as the fluidity and the textures that the paints create on the page. My work focuses on the vibrant natural colours found throughout the seasons, as well as the shapes of the fields and coastlines of Dorset. Often my paintings draw a sense of space of the landscape, with a flock of birds in flight to give a sense of the landscape’s scale.

I exhibit regularly in Dorset, Surrey, and London, as well as being the published illustrator and author of several books, including ‘Elephants in the Rush Hour’ and ‘There was a Garden’. I also write a thought for the day, combined with a painting, which can be found at www.facebook.com/apaintingaday2013.

I hope that my paintings convey a sense of the peace found in the Dorset landscape, asking the viewer to pause and take time to reflect."

To see more of @jenny.hawke.art, and the work of our other PAW artists, please visit www.purbeckartweeksfestival.co.uk

#purbeckartweeksfestival #art #purbeck #watercolour

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18 hours ago

Purbeck Art Weeks

Join us this evening for our final event celebrating the Fieri Consort

Hannah Ely describes the Fieri’s project with the Chelys Consort of Viols on the music of Michael East. The Fieri Consort then sing some madrigals and works from their 2017 debut album “Tears of a Lover” guided by John Rutter.

You can read about the Michael East project in the PAW Events Programme at loom.ly/sNYFseo

We hope you enjoy the evening!

#purbeckartweeksfestival #fiericonsort #chelysconsortofviols #johnrutter

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19 hours ago

Purbeck Art Weeks

Fieri Consort - PAW Virtual Event - 6th June 2020 ...

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